X·eight is Dynamic, Fashionable, Smart casual and Urban. It is created to satisfy the fashion need of urban men and ladies who enjoy hang-out, travel, music, and sports.

X·eight blends international fashion trend and street fashion influences to create a unique and fresh style that is X·eight. Every collection can be mixed and matched to give different looks: Simply Relax, Stylish Neat, and Fashion Stylish. The brand also offers accessories to complete the looks.

X·eight believes in putting serious efforts in making every single part well, before being able to construct a great whole. Every pattern is carefully considered for comfort. Every fabric is innovative. Every design is crafted thoughtfully and passionately, always keeping in mind the need of our dynamic, fashionable, urban customers. To us, details matter. A lot.


Little X∙eight understands that everyday matters a lot to kids. What they wear to live it, deserves more thought, especially when parents want to provide the best for their kids. As such, the brand offers fine quality, comfortable, easy to wear clothing with innovative materials, designs, and patterns.

Little X∙eight is urban, active, and playful. Its products can be worn by boys and girls, from 2 to 14 years of age, for both their daily playing activities and also their social activities. Tops, bottoms, and accessories can be mixed and matched to give different style for two occasions: Active-Outdoor activities and Social-Indoor activities.

Little X∙eight differentiates itself in its level of attention to details. Every pattern is thoroughly tested for comfort and function. Every color is carefully chosen to reflect the personality of our kids. Every element is endlessly considered.  Every fabric is innovative. Every design is thoughtfully and passionately constructed, keeping in mind the needs of our urban, active, and playful kids. To us, details matter. A lot.